Chicago Airport is TRASH| Travel Vlog

I don’t fly much, and this is exactly why! United Airlines and Chicago Airport is trash!


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12 thoughts on “Chicago Airport is TRASH| Travel Vlog

  1. Lol sis don’t do my hometown. United does this to everyone 😂 I had a layover flight in Houston from Louisiana heading to Chicago and they delayed my first flight from Louisiana meaning I wasn’t going to make that layover or my plane home! United sucks they delay almost all my flights. If it’s not nonstop I don’t fly with them at all now.

    1. Phalon Nichole 🤣😂they had me hot. It was my first time flying with them and NEVER again. I was so mad.

  2. Jasmine you was right here dang I would have can and kept y’all company… next time

    1. Rasheta Johnson sure could have I was there for so long mad with nobody to talk to

  3. United is the worst! I will never fly them again after what happened to us flying from AK to FL. Lost bags, didn’t even get us to our destination. We had to rent a car and drive from an airport that was 3 hrs away. Never again!

  4. You’re fam is so cute! Glad you did eventually make it home on a flight. Smh

  5. Before I even watched the video, let me start by saying that you can’t just talk about my city like that ! 🤣🤣🤣but let me guess it was ohare 😏

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