CHICAGO VLOG | 5 travel tips | FIRST VIDEO!!

Thank you all so much for watching our adventures in Chicago! We are super excited and grateful for all of your support. Many more vlogs and videos to come!!

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Music: Bradley Brown – “Chicago Walk”

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See you all in our next video!

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Isabelle & Bradley

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6 thoughts on “CHICAGO VLOG | 5 travel tips | FIRST VIDEO!!

  1. Shout out to the cousin with the assists! Y’all got some solid tips!!!

    Def love these! Y’all should do a 21 Q&A video so we get a chance to really meet y’all !

    1. Thank you for the love Sakena!! And that is a great idea. We’ll definitely be doing a get to know us soon!!

  2. This was a great first video guys! It looks like you had a great time! One thing you guys could consider doing is first impressions, or first tastes. Just an idea

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