How to find hotel discounts and deals in Chicago – How to find hotel discounts and deals in Chicago.

Are you looking to find hotel discounts when traveling to Chicago? It’s time to travel in style and staying in higher priced hotels when you vacation in an Chicago hotel. There is no reason to pay full price at hotels in Chicago. You can get hotel discounts from 10% all the way up to 60%. The problem is… where do you find these discounts?

Most people search online to find a hotel discount or deal in Chicago on, kayak, orbitz, travelocity and others. Here is the deal with these travel websites. These sites are strickly for visual purposes to show you the bulk number of hotels and their standard rates. Once you click the hotel of your choice, it simply takes you to the hotel site to pay full price. You have seen these travel site commercials on tv all the time and you book your hotel there just for the convienience. You feel good and you think you got a deal, but you didn’t save anything but some time.

Let me show you how to find hotel discounts in Chicago. The only way to find hotel discounts in Chicago is to join a discount travel membership club. You pay an annual fee to be member, and the discounts range from 10% all the up to 70%. It is as simple as that. You need to join our membership club right here for only $99 a year. The membership will be with Hotels Etc. Hotels Etc has been in the hotel discount membership business since the mid 1990’s. There are 1000’s of hotels around the world that are listed in the platform. The bulk of discounts are in the United States although discounts can be found around the world.

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