Happy Teen G Tuesday!
Come with me to eat some good food, bra shop and hang out with my mama!

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7 thoughts on “LETS GO BRA SHOPPING! | Weekend In Chicago + BIG TRAVEL ANNOUNCEMENT!!

  1. Ugh bra shopping is a NIGHTMARE. I’m a 34H and I haven’t gone bra shopping in YEARS. I just order that crap online and pray it fits.

  2. I don’t really wear a bra a lot.
    My tits are like real small.
    But my ass is amazing.
    Us skinny girls.

  3. So a couple things but first things first

    1. 15 pounds down and you look absolutely amazing

    2. I’m proud of you for losing 4 band sizes

    3. You should do a weight loss video on how you lost your weight because I need tips/pointers/accountability

    4. I miss you on Instagram

  4. The surgical mask on the plane. πŸ˜‚ 😷 (smart idea considering how vile and gross and filthy that environment truly is! 🀒)

    -Love any food that includes liquid smoke.

    -bra shopping is traumatic. Always. You look FANTASTIC by the way. Not to be weird but the girls look store bought amazing. The sales person had a pretty epic bit of neck adornment going on! YOU look so amazing. Super proud of you. (I used to have a pretty decent rack. Then i started running. Well and I got mono and lost a ton of weight and now i have zero chest. At all. Not even being pregnant helped that situation. But whatever it’s fine. Yay stretchy bras that fit children! πŸ˜‘)

    -Caesar salad is always bougie. And delicious. πŸ₯—

    -tried. Not true. πŸ˜‚ dying.

    -your facial expressions are the BEST.


    -okay the fact that you brought up Lizzie McGuire is ESP level insane bc that movie was on HBO yesterday and I literally cannot watch it without seeing you on the disney Cruise doing This is What Dreams are Made Of!!! Best EVER!

    YAY! Happy Tuesday! Can’t wait for next Tuesday!! 😘😘😷😍

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