Hi Everyone! 🤗I wanted to get this travel vlog up for you all right away! Just to keep you posted on my journey to CHICAGO for CLAIRES! 💖I’m so excited for another opportunity to be a part Claire’s winter holiday campaign! Im super grateful ☺️ there is sooo much to share with you guys, so I thought I would start off with the first day of traveling there because to make one entire video covering everything during my trip would be a very long video. CLAIRE’S is sooo sweet to surprise me with gifts at our hotel room, in this video you’ll see how generous they are. They even put together a gift bag for my mom. So thoughtful of them!!! I hope you guys enjoy this vlog, stay tune for more to come…I will post and try to cover eveything especially the tour of CLAIRE’S HQ that you definitely don’t want to miss! THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! I ❤️ YOU ALL!!!

SPECIAL THANKS TO CLAIRES for providing transportation and lodging.

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10 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG to CHICAGO 🛩

  1. People who out thum down👎 are jerks because there jealous of you but the people who put thums up👍 are the true people👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 who love💕for you👧🏻

  2. Wow I like the food I am gonna ask my mom to take me to that restaurant welcome to Chicago My Mom use to work at Claire’s headquarters she had jewelry all on the walls in her office

  3. I love to u much Jesselyn I wish you were my best friend like👍 and leave a comment if you want to meet her👧🏻 too

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