Travel Vlog | Wandering Solo Around Chicago

After three years of law school, the time has come for Jon to take the Bar Exam! This massive two day test will determine whether he can wear the title of “attorney”. It’s a stressful time, but after this trip to Chicago, it will all be over! While Jon takes the test, I wander around Chicago alone and see what’s up.

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Before Chill – Yomoti
Bunny Hopp – Dylan Sitts
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21 thoughts on “Travel Vlog | Wandering Solo Around Chicago

  1. Yay! A new channel to be subscribed on!

    I just accidentally stumbled upon your website, because I was searching for “BuJo tips for beginners.” And I can really say that it really helped me because of the Faux Calligraphy and the BuJo Tips!

    I hope you gain more subscribers! Thanks, and much love.

  2. I am fairly new to your vlog but really enjoying it, you seem like such a cool person, I wish you lived near me!!!! Can’t wait to see the west coast videos…

  3. Best wishes! But how come he has to wait until october for the results?! 😳 how ever, fun vlog! ❀️

  4. Have fun and good luck!Β  Question.Β  Did you cover your paint in the tin?Β  I don’t paint, but my daughter does and I think she would love to make a traveling set.Β  Also, where did you find the little containers for the tin?Β  Thanks.

    1. I didn’t cover them and it all worked out fine πŸ™‚ And yes, you can find them online as taimdala said.

    2. HI there, @Karen Derrick! I’m just adding my two cents: the little containers are called “pans”, “full pans” and “half pans”. You can get them online. They are usually sold empty so you can fill them at home.

      I recently made a travel watercolor set myself for a family trip, only I used a bead organizer that consisted of a lidded plastic box with round screw-top flat containers (shaped like bitty hockey pucks!) that fit inside. I wanted the screw-on tops in case the box got shifted upside down or on its side in my luggage. Just check the bead/jewelry making aisle at Michaels (where I got that organizer) and see what new uses you can come up with for the organizers. ^_^ Still, I love empty half pans and full pans. They just call out to me to fill them with … well, whatever! Beads, paint, potting soil for seeds …

  5. omygosh when did you hit 10k? Congratulations! It’s so exciting to see your YT channel grow! You’re looking very cute,btw! Wow, he has to wait till october?? Such torture! Good luck John!

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