TRAVEL VLOG: What I Wore, Ate, & Did in Chicago!!

Bringing you along to Chicago with me!!

Most days were spent with Matt’s family, but I made sure to vlog everything when it was just us!

Do you want me to vlog more?? I’m a rookie haha!!


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20 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG: What I Wore, Ate, & Did in Chicago!!

  1. Awesome video once again! We’ve never been to Chicago, but want to go there so badly one day soon! How did you like it there? What was your favorite thing you did?

  2. Yay for the aquarium!!! 👍I love that whole area w/ the museums, the lake and beautiful greenery. I know what you mean about disrupting your routine…I’m also trying to find solutions particularly in the skincare dept, bcuz let’s face it…those Sephora sample packets don’t always do your face good 😂😂. I like the tip about bringing products you love, use and trust… but just filling small containers (from daiso or muji maybe?). The challenge will be remembering to refill each time you pack, so you have enough to last you the trip, lol. 😁 Cheers and glad you had a great time in Chicago..agree that food is so good there!

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