Traveling to Chicago +Lake


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This is my everyday school morning routine, pretty basic and easy but I thought I would share because I love making these videos. I’m a junior in high school so I’ve been doing this for awhile it’s turned into a pretty lazy routine oops. Lemme know if you guys want more school related videos or routines! Any ideas you might have I can try and do!

thank you for watching i love you and i’ll see ya in the next video

Hey I’m Tamia Harris! Doin’ what I love! Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, and whatever I feel like! While working, I’m obsessed with creating videos every week on Friday! Tune in for my videos like get ready with me’s (grwm), morning routines, swimsuit collections, everyday outfits, thrift store hauls, fall and winter lookbooks, music playlist faves, obsessions, favorites and so much more! Hopefully you stick along.