Visiting America? Applying For Your ESTA? How Not To Get ‘Ripped Off’

Visiting America – How not to get ‘ripped off’ when applying for your U.S. ESTA online and how to avoid those ‘unofficial’ websites.

Firstly the correct site is the  “Official Website of the Department of Homeland Security”


Additional help can be found:

When doing a search for applying for a U.S. ESTA you will see many unofficial results coming up in your search results which offer additional services. These look official and mistakenly you may continue with the application thinking you are on the official US Government site.

This extra service are not required so as well as wasting money, do you want to give your personal passport details to an unknown third party? Despite being regular visitors to the US we nearly applied via one of these sites ourselves.

The video is aimed at UK visitors to the USA although it’s a similar process for most people. Also it’s not really about the application itself although the ESTA application is relatively easy, but just a few tips on how to avoid paying extra on the unofficial sites.

The current official price for applying for an ESTA is $14

Applying For Your U.S. ESTSA? How Not To Get ‘Ripped Off’ – Filmed April 2018


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3 thoughts on “Visiting America? Applying For Your ESTA? How Not To Get ‘Ripped Off’

  1. It’s too late for me but I highly recommend your video!

    Not only did I get scammed online tonight by the complete cretins but TWICE IN A ROW!

    Now I have to go to the US without my bank card, very frustrating!

    Can’t believe that the authorities allow this to happen so easily, especially since I’m not your average doh-doh bird or infrequent traveller!

    If it can happen to someone being as cautious as I was, these buggers must be raking in a small fortune..

    Thanks again for your help, with love from, THE UNFORTUNATELY ALREADY ROBBED..😥

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